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How To Get A Healthy Well Trained Dog

Everyone wants a happy and healthy dog that is a delight to include in the family. This isn't always the case. Sometimes dogs will get sick or have behavior problems that seem like they will never be fixed, but with patience and care we can help show you how to have a dog you dream about. Whether you have a new puppy, a grown dog or a senior pet you will find practical advice and solutions to care for your dog.

german shephardTraining and Obedience

Dog training and obedience is essential for a healthy, happy pet dog, but finding the right answers to your problems can be a problem in itself. If you would like product reviews on dog training programs or some specific advice on common dog behaviors and training techniques you will find simple, easy to understand pages and articles.

Training your dog is a rewarding experience, whether you start from a puppy or take on the challenges of giving a rescue dog a second chance. A well trained and obedient dog is happier and more confident. Learn more about common dog behaviors here and start your dog training today.

Training your dog isn't as difficult as you may think, you can start right now with a little advice.

Health and First Aid

A healthy dog is a happier dog. While all dog's and puppies can suffer from illness or accident, in general a good health care routine including check ups, vaccinations and diet will have your dog living a long and happy life. Caring for your dog's health while they are young can give them a better quality of life as they advance to their senior years. This is particularly true in regards to joint health. Giving your dog a well balanced diet can contribute to a longer and healthier life.

If your dog needs first aid you will find advice on how to treat various accidents and incidents that can befall your dog. Just like children, dogs get in to mischief that can leave them needing emergency medical care and it's handy to know what you may be dealing with.

Off The Leash

What dog doesn't love to get off the leash? Off leash dog parks are growing in popularity and we are constantly updating our list of off leash parks to help you locate an area near you. You'll find tips on behavior and off leash park etiquette so that when you visit you'll know where to go and how tomake sure your dog is always welcome back.

Breeding Your Dog And The Benefits Of Neutering/Spaying

People want to breed their dog for a variety of reasons and we have advice on breeding and caring for your dog when whelping. We also offer tips on how to avoid breeding. If you are looking for information on spaying or neutering your dog, then we offer advice on the benefits of desexing your pet.

A healthy and well trained dog is achievable. Some dogs require more work than others, but the rewards of an obedient dog are many. Man's best friend can give you a rewarding friendship; they are loyal, uncritical and never mention your bad hair day. Making room in your heart and home for a dog can make a special difference to your life.

“The better I get to know men, the more I find myself loving dogs.”
― Charles de Gaulle


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